We accept orders to establish paternity DNA TEST PAPA ONLINE-25STR from around the world from $195,5


ДНК Семьи в Краснодаре - официальный представитель лаборатории Медикал Геномикс (Россия, г. Тверь, т. 8-800-555-06-54) с подлинным сертификатом.


Внимание! Остерегайтесь мошенников "днк центр дтл" и других фейков с поддельными документами и сертификатами! Это не лаборатория и не центр! Не дайте себя обмануть!

All services are licensed. Forensic medical license number LO-69-01-001465 from 09.23.2014

If you wish to make a DNA paternity test only for personal information, for their own peace of mind, or anonymously and confidentially, only for you, we have an excellent anti-crisis proposal:

1. You order a DNA test through an online form on our website and send us by mail or courier your own Compiled biomaterial according to our instructions. After sending the departure is desirable to inform us the tracking number. This is somewhat speed up to your samples.

2. Once we receive your samples, you will be sent an e-mail in the acknowledgment of receipt, scans your envelopes with the samples.

3. After our confirmation, you must pay for the service DNA TEST PAPA ONLINE via the form on-line payment by credit card or Yandex-Money (in agreement with the manager of DNA Family Ltd, there may be other payment options).

4. We, two weeks after we receive your payment and biomaterial, we will send you a DNA test results to your email. An expert on paper in this sentence is not provided, but can be produced and sent to you (extra charge) at the home address indicated by you.

  • The number of DNA markers in the test PAPA ONLINE - 25 STR (!)
  • DNA TEST Price PAPA ONLINE - $195,5
  • Supplement expert on paper - $19,5
  • Processing of non-standard sample (buccal swab is not) - from $65,5

We guarantee full security and confidentiality

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